Felipe Zamora

It all started when...
La sorpresa y alegria de saber se juntaron con las cosas intocables y la emocion del color, better conocido como Lorem Ipsum. o en imaginative rating: las adventures de Bob Proctor.

Artist Statement:

The work is relentless, once a piece is finished; evidence of its process is all around like ideas glued together, art and design that is boiling and yet submissive.
The Immersive painted landscapes sometimes are worked from Zamora's own photo references, showing the beauty of the not so ordinary everyday.
Trough seductive and daring scenes that utilize bold compositions and a vibrant pallet Zamora wants to keep exploring and pushing the beauty aesthetics and principles of past icons. With a personal touch of hidden imagery and universal archetypes the result is distinctly contemporary, a personal evaluation of past and current ideas with their challenges and advantages.
Ultimately Zamora wants to remind the viewer about the moral responsibility of being humane, and feeling alive; Compassionate art that is balanced through irony or joy, seduction and sublimation....asking without words; what did you dream about ..?

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